Xenia Netplay Rules and Terms of Service

Dear Xenia Netplay community,

As we continue to strive for an enjoyable and fair multiplayer experience on our server, it’s important to outline our rules and terms of service to ensure everyone can play in a safe and balanced environment. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our standards for PvP gameplay:

  1. Weapon Modification Policy: We maintain strict standards against any form of weapon modification that could unbalance the multiplayer experience for others. It’s essential that all players are on an equal footing when engaging in PvP matches.

  2. Stamina Tampering Prohibition: Any form of stamina tampering, no matter how slight, is strictly prohibited on our server. Every player must adhere to the same level playing field, without any unfair advantages.

  3. Zero Tolerance for Threats and Harassment: Threats, harassment, or any form of intimidation directed towards our staff or fellow players will not be tolerated. We are committed to fostering a supportive and respectful community environment for everyone.

  4. DDoS Protection and Security: Attempts to launch DDoS attacks or create fear among our users will be met with swift action. We prioritize the safety and security of our community members and will take all necessary measures to protect our server.

  5. Skill-Based Gameplay: We value skill and fair competition on our server. If you’re a skilled player who legitimately defeats opponents, you have nothing to worry about. Our goal is to ensure that skill and strategy are the primary factors in determining victory.

  6. Glitching Policy: While in-game glitching is currently permitted on our server, severe glitches that significantly impact player experience or disrupt matchmaking will not be tolerated. We expect all players to abide by our terms of service and refrain from exploiting game mechanics inappropriately.

  7. Identity Integrity: Users must refrain from false identity, cloning, or impersonating other users on our service. Maintaining integrity and authenticity within our community is paramount.

  8. Ranked Gameplay Guidelines: In ranked matches on Saints Row, our staff will not punish players for pipe glitching or accidentally killing their own teammates. We aim to replicate the original Xbox Live experience from the early years of the game’s release.

  9. Console Command Prohibition: Console commands are strictly prohibited on our server. If you wish to use console commands, please do so offline or on your own personal server.

By adhering to these rules and terms of service, we can ensure a positive and enjoyable multiplayer experience for all members of our community. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to upholding our standards.

Best regards,