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Welcome to our comprehensive directory dedicated to all known Saints Row-related Discord servers. Whether you’re seeking news updates, community engagement, or multiplayer adventures, this category is your ultimate resource for staying connected with the Saints Row community across various Discord servers.

Here’s a rundown of the known Saints Row Discord servers, ranked by relevancy:

  1. The Zone (formerly known as SaintsCord): Run by Fl1ppy and other esteemed moderators, The Zone is a vibrant community hub for Saints Row players. Despite its transition from SaintsCord, this Discord server remains a popular gathering place for approximately 7.8 thousand users. Join the conversation at https://discord.com/invite/saintscord.

  2. Official Saints Row Discord (SaintsCorp): Despite its affiliation with the Saints Row franchise, the Official Saints Row Discord (SaintsCorp) has faced challenges due to perceived leadership issues. Moderated by individuals closely associated with the franchise, this server is accessible via https://discord.com/invite/saintsrowofficial, but its activity levels may vary.

  3. OG Saints Row: Managed by moderators from r/RealSaintsRow, the OG Saints Row Discord caters to fans who cherish the original narrative of the series. With a preference for Saints Row 2, this server welcomes a diverse community of supporters. Join the conversation at https://discord.gg/VtFTKS5w.

  4. SR1MP2: Originating from the multiplayer-focused SR1MP Discord, SR1MP2 offers a platform for Saints Row multiplayer enthusiasts. While caution is advised due to the server’s reputation for edginess, it remains a dedicated space for multiplayer activities. Join at https://discord.gg/uUYG6uY8.

  5. OG: Managed by a self-proclaimed ‘Kyvyk’God’ and catering to players interested in classic 360 games, the OG Discord server offers opportunities for multiplayer gaming, including Saints Row sessions. However, its community may be characterized as toxic by some. Enter at your own discretion. 𝕆𝔾

  6. sr1: A personal server maintained by the creator, sr1 offers a nostalgic space for Saints Row enthusiasts. While currently inactive, it may see future updates or revival efforts. Join at https://discord.gg/UvRURmkk.

This directory aims to provide visibility and accessibility to all Saints Row Discord servers, ensuring that fans can find their preferred communities and engage with fellow enthusiasts. If you’re aware of additional servers or encounter issues with the listed ones, please report them for updates and improvements.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Saints Row Discord community. Stay connected, stay engaged, and keep the Saints Row spirit alive!


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