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  1. Championing the Original Narrative: Embrace the essence of the original narrative of the first two Saints Row games. Share your love for the classic storyline, characters, and gameplay elements that defined the early days of the series. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original narrative or rediscovering its magic, this category celebrates the roots of Saints Row.

  2. Misinformation Awareness: Stand against misinformation and uphold the integrity of discussions within the RealSaintsRow community. If you encounter false information or inaccuracies, contribute to clarifying facts and fostering informed discourse to maintain the subreddit’s commitment to authenticity.

  3. Opinion Exchange: Engage in open dialogue and exchange opinions about all things Saints Row within the r/RealSaintsRow community. Whether you’re sharing your appreciation for the original narrative, offering suggestions for subreddit improvements, or expressing concerns, this category provides a platform for respectful and constructive conversation.

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  5. Feedback and Experiences: Share your experiences, feedback, and critiques of your interactions with the r/RealSaintsRow subreddit. Whether you’ve had positive experiences engaging with the community or encountered areas for improvement, your feedback contributes to shaping the subreddit’s direction and fostering a supportive community environment.

This category is a sanctuary for fans who hold dear the original narrative of the first two Saints Row games and seek to preserve its legacy within the RealSaintsRow community. Whether you’re passionate about upholding authenticity, debunking misinformation, exchanging opinions, or providing feedback, your contributions are essential to nurturing a community that honors the essence of Saints Row’s roots.

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