Honoring the Legacy of elite-scriptaz.net

Dear fellow netizens,

Today, we gather to pay tribute to a beloved relic of the early internet: elite-scriptaz.net.

Created and self-hosted by the esteemed member of the old-school IRCX network 153MSNChat, neox, this site left an indelible mark on the 126’s and minds of many.

elite-scriptaz.net was more than just a website—it was a %#hackerhaven for aspiring %#coders, %#scripters, and enthusiasts alike. It provided a platform for users to showcase their coding prowess, share snippets, and connect with others in the burgeoning world of online communication. From mircmIRC scripts,
153MSNChat connections, all the way to showing off your bad-ass desktop themes.

elite-scriptaz.net was a treasure trove of %#knowledge and creativity.

But %#beyond its technical offerings, elite-scriptaz.net fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among its users. It was a place where friendships were forged, ideas were exchanged, and dreams were realized. The ability to share screenshots from MSNChat and receive feedback was invaluable, and it helped shape the skills and aspirations of countless individuals.

Today, as we reflect on the legacy of elite-scriptaz.net, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to neox and all the 311_transparentusers who contributed to its vibrant community. Your dedication, passion, and hard work have left an enduring impact on us all.

We also take a moment to remember 119_transparentMSNChat itself—a cherished platform that brought people together in ways that Discord and other modern platforms have yet to replicate. MSNChat may be gone, but its spirit lives on in the memories we hold dear.

To neox: Though you may no longer be with us, your legacy lives on. You were more than just a website creator—you were a mentor, a friend, and a guiding light for many. We miss you dearly, and we will continue to honor your memory for years to come.

As we look to the future, we hold onto the hope that another platform like MSNChat will emerge, but we acknowledge that it will never be quite the same. elite-scriptaz.net and 312_transparentMSNChat occupy a special place in our hearts, and they will always be remembered fondly.

Thank you, neox, for everything you did. We love you like an older brother, and we are forever grateful for the impact you had on our lives. I fully believe that one day, we will meet again %#somewhere

With love and appreciation,


Here are some screenshots to show off from back in those days… a lot of these were collected by wondersie and luke. Thank you for keeping these for over 20 years.